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14-02-2018, 12:14

Tera Link - Sweet Cream (2018) SiteRip


Имя актрисы: Tera Link
Название ролика: Sweet Cream
Подсайт и сайт:
Год производства: 2018 г.
Жанр : Creampie, Small Boobs, Shaved Pussy, Brunette, Petite, Girl-Boy, Blowjob, European, Pussy Licking
Продолжительность: 00:23:03
An afternoon in the sauna gets Tera Link nice and hot from the inside
out. Her hands roam her small tits with their rock hard nipples as sweat
drips down her body. Slipping her hand further down, Tera spreads her
pussy juices all over her meaty twat. Soon she s holding nothing back as
she rubs her clit until she s hurtling towards an explosive climax.
Still turned on after her initial orgasm, Tera steps out of the sauna
and swims across the pool to where Michael Fly is lounging. Michael can
read Tera s signs easily enough, and after he dries her off with a
fluffy towel he eases her backwards onto a chair so he can lock lips
with her. Dropping to his knees, he suckles his petite lover s breasts
before easing her back to taste the musk of her arousal.
Sitting up, Tera pulls Michael s towel down so she can satisfy her
desire to wrap her soft lips around the head of his cock. Sucking in
long, slow pulls, she samples each drop of precum that she earns with
her mouth, tongue, and stroking hand. Reaching up to cup Michael s
balls, she fondles those tender sacs as her fuck hole grows wet with
renewed passion.
Guiding Michael to the chair, Tera climbs on top of him and spreads her
thighs wide to take him in her tight twat inch by horny inch. She rocks
her hips with her back to him for a few minutes, then turns on her side
so she can use the chair as leverage and enjoy a different angle of
penetration. Throwing her head back in delight, she succumbs to another
climax that rivals the first.
When Tera climbs off her boyfriend s fuck stick and gets on her knees on
the arm of the chair he was just occupying, Michael is quick to take
her up on her request. He slides all the way into her, then wraps his
arm around her waist so he can tease her tits and pound her pussy at the
same time. Rolling onto her back, Tera spreads her thighs wide to
welcome Michael into her body once again as he works to give her the
deep pleasure she craves.
That position does more than just leave Tera humming with delight. As
Michael cups his hand behind his girlfriend s neck to stare into her
eyes, he gives a few last thrusts and buries himself balls deep in her
creamy snatch. Letting go, he fills Tera with a creampie of love that
leaves her smiling and satisfied.
Формат видео : MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960x540 25fps 1330kbps
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